Frequently asked questions...

Which ship will I be working on?

Ship allocation depends on available space on board our vessels. It is most likely you will be assigned to a cruise brand (P&O Cruises / Cunard) with the opportunity to work on any of the ships within the brand fleet.

Are there any costs involved?

Once you have been offered a position with The Ship's Photographer, you will be responsible for the cost of an ENG1/Equivalent Medical exam, Seaman's Discharge Book, approved baseplate, battery charger and re-chargable batteries. All other equipment will be rented to you on a Tour of Duty basis.

How long will I be on board for?

Contracts can last as little as six months or as much as nine months, but the average is six months with four to six weeks leave in between contracts. Once you have joined a vessel, you will remain on board for the entirety of your contract, although friends and family will be able to visit in the ship's home port.

Will I be working every day?

Cruise ships operate 24-hours a day and as such, work is 7 days a week. The length of your working day will vary, with sea days generally requiring more hours than port days. At the very least you should expect to work a minimum of six to eight hours on any given day throughout your contract. In addition to general work duties, you will be expected to participate in relevant shipboard training sessions and safety drills at least twice per cruise.

What destinations will I travel to?

When we say world travel, we mean exactly that. You will have the opportunity to visit a variety of exciting destinations throughout your career at sea, including, but not limited to; America, Canada and Alaska, the Caribbean, South America, the Mediterranean, Europe, the Baltic, Africa, Australia and Asia.